Zolbayar Magsar

Computer Scientist

Lead Instructor

Zolbayar Magsar is the lead instructor/facilitator at Codercub and has over 5 years of experience in teaching Python to middle/high school students and implementing computer science in schools. He started his computer science career as a programmer at Mongolian Stock Exchange, worked as a system administrator at Mercy Corps, and later joined the technical teams at ITZone and Rio Tinto Group before founding Codercub as the first coding initiative for kids in Mongolia.

Zolbayar holds a BE-IT (bachelor in engineering – information technology) degree from University of Pune, India and a MSc-CS (master of science – computer science) degree from University of Missouri, the United States through Fulbright Scholarship.

An avid chess player, he was the chess champion at Shine Mongol High School (where he graduated).