Our pre-assessment test ensures students demonstrate academic capacity and are ready to code.

Admissions Steps

We are currently accepting applications for our Summer of Code workshops starting on 15 of July.
Fill out the online form and pay the ₮10K registration fee. This fee is for registration only and is non-refundable.
Fill out the form
Once filled out the online form and paid the registration fee, you will receive an email with a link to a pre-assessment test.
Based on the test score, you are admitted to the academy and will be instructed to proceed with the tuition.


We have trained over 500 students of all age groups with various backgrounds. Based on our experience, we decided it’s best to conduct a pre-assessment test to determine if a student is ready for a coding journey.

The student has to demonstrate a certain level of competency both in terms of English and Math in order to ensure that the training is a success.

For CS0, the student is tested with basic Math/Geometry concepts such as counting, directions, basic calculations, coordinate planes, etc.

For CS1, the student must be able to demonstrate the basic concepts of programming: sequence, control flow, and functions.