Courses and Classes

We offer coding courses based on world-class curricula, developed and taught by seasoned professionals from USA.

Ongoing Classes

Class name Teacher Assignments
CS1: Introduction to Programming Zolbayar Magsar 200+
CS0: Exploring Programming Zolbayar Magsar 67

Course Catalog for 2024

Course Duration Tuition fee
CS0: Exploring Programming 30 hours ₮600'000
CS1a: Introduction to Programming - Part 1 60 hours ₮1'200'000
CS1b: Introduction to Programming - Part 2 60 hours ₮1'200'000
CS2: Interdisciplinary Programming 90+ hours ₮1'800'000
CS3: College Programming 200+ hours ₮4'000'000


We utilize an asynchronous learning model for CS0 and CS1. Under this model, the student will go through most of the content asynchronously (a pacing guide will be provided), and the live lecture sessions will mainly focus on exercise problem-solving. To become certified, students must complete the exercises contained within the course’s exercises.

What They Make in CS0