Exploring Programming

Summer of Code 2023

Coding is a life skill. Speaking a computer language is an essential skill to master in the new century, whether you are a doctor, an accountant, or a lawyer. And becoming coding literate has never been easier and more fun. All it takes is a laptop, a desire to learn, and last but not least, registering for our workshop.

The Course

We are introducing a new middle/high school computer science curriculum developed by Carnegie Mellon University. The introductory course CS0: Exploring Programming with Python is widely taught in middle schools and academies across the United States and is based on Python — one of the most in-demand programming languages. The course guides learners from drawing pictures and making basic animations to creating fun games. It consists of 4 units (17 lessons) full of exercises, checkpoints, challenges, and creative tasks. The philosophy here is straightforward: learn by doing. Zolbayar Magsar is the lead instructor of the course.


Day 1 Unit 1: Drawing with Shapes
  • Lesson 1 Getting Started
  • Lesson 2 Stars and Gradients
Day 2
  • Lesson 3 Rectangles and Opacity
  • Lesson 4 More Shapes and Properties
Day 3
  • Lesson 5 Unit 1 Project
  • Collaborative Tasks
  • Unit 1 Quiz
Day 4 Unit 2: Basic Animations
  • Lesson 6 Using the Mouse
  • Lesson 7 Animating With the Mouse
  • Lesson 8 Other Animations
Day 5
  • Lesson 9 Unit 2 Project
  • Collaborative Tasks
  • Unit 2 Quiz
Day 6 Unit 3: Giving Programs Options
  • Lesson 10 Conditionals
  • Lesson 11 Using the Keyboard
Day 7
  • Lesson 12 More Conditionals
  • Lesson 13 Shape Methods
Day 8
  • Lesson 14 Unit 3 Project
  • Collaborative Tasks
  • Unit 3 Quiz
Day 9 Unit 4: Animating Lots of Shapes
  • Lesson 15 Groups
  • Lesson 16 Loops
Day 10
  • Lesson 17 Space Invaders
  • Collaborative Tasks
  • Unit 4 Quiz
  • Graduation ceremony


All the course materials, including the Integrated Development Environment, are online — each student is provided with an account that they can use to access the course materials from anywhere.

The duration of the course is designed to be 30 hours in total, which translates into 2 weeks (10 days) of coding camp – 3 hours of workshop every weekday. Official certification of completion is awarded to those who worked hard.


Basic understanding of algebra & geometry is required. The student presumably has a good command of English and a functional laptop.



Following are the examples of creative task submissions by the students from previous batches:


An application form has to be filled out in English in prior to the workshop commencement. A total of 20 students is accepted.

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